"I had the pleasure of experiencing an Ayurvedic massage and sound healing session with Lauren Bernozzi. Being a practitioner myself I'm often critical and find it hard to let go. It was within minutes my body and mind where in a complete nirvana as the smell of  essential oils and the touch of Lauren's healing hands were at work releasing blockages and restoring my body to balance. The sounds Lauren was making were completely what I needed to hear and feel. I would recommend Lauren to anyone who is feeling depleted and out of sorts.This is much more then just a massage. It is a complete and holistic healing session. I felt so clear and balanced after the session. Thank you Lauren for such a wonderful gift."    David Kuhn, Marlboro, VT


"I can feel the healing happening when I'm on the table under Lauren Bernozzi's hands, can feel myself moving into a whole new level of well-being.  Her range of skills is wide, her understanding of the human body/mind/spirit deep.  Since her healing powers are gentle, extraordinary and bliss-inducing, I want my loved ones to benefit from them as well. So massages by Lauren--that's what I gift my sister, niece, nephew when they visit me.  They so love it!"
 Gena Corea, Dummerston, VT


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