Welcome! Lauren Bernozzi is a certified massage therapist with 12 years of experience in bringing wellness to the Putney area and beyond. She is passionate about holding space for healing of the body-mind and supporting transformation and evolution of the soul.  

Offerings include:

~Traditional Ayurvedic Bodywork Treatments

~Holistic Relaxation and Deep Tissue Massage

~CranioSacral Therapy

~Reiki/Energy Healing

~Sound Healing


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Deep relaxation is one of the best ways to strengthen your immune system during the shifting of the seasons. Recharge your body with a nourishing and detoxifying Ayurvedic Treatment.

 Ayurvedic Bodywork Options:

     Beginning with a brisk silk glove massage to stimulate your lymph and charge your energy field, enjoy an invigorating Abhyanga massage with heated herbal oils, followed by a hot towel treatment to enhance the healing properties of the oil.  

    Sink in with a deep and rhythmic Vishesh massage. Let the hot oil and nurturing massage clear and relax your muscles. Heated herbal oils are used, followed by a hot towel treatment.

     You may want to add on a Shirodhara to enhance your experience. Can be experienced alone as well.This is a deeply relaxing, and nourishing treatment.  Heated oil is poured over the forehead and scalp with a gentle motion to lull you into a state of deep relaxation.  This is great for symptoms related to stress and nervous system imbalances of any kind.  Add on to an Ayurvedic massage or try it alone.

You will leave feeling Balanced and Glowing!!!





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